Do you sell to retailers?

Yes. For all Trade enquiries, please email info@boxxinc.co.uk or visit our contact page.

How long will  my parcel take to arrive?

Once your order has been processed, U.K. shipping will take 3-5 working days. Orders outside of the U.K. shipping will take 7-10 working days (depending on location).

What size footwear fits in the boxx?

UK 13 is the maximum and the minimum is your choice.

What is the exchange or refund policy?

Check out our returns page.

Orders within Europe?

Please consider we are not shipping clothing so we have given all our customers the best shipping rates  possible. We have a minimum order policy of 3 boxxs within Europe, We Ship all your orders in groups of 6 boxxs. Your Shipping costs will be the same if you order 6 boxxs or 3 boxxs.

Do you Ship outside of Europe?

Yes! We are constantly looking at ways to offer our products to everyone however we have a minimum order policy of 4 boxxs for all international orders. Please head over to our contact page and send us an email using the subject title; International orders. Let us know how many Boxxs you would like to order and your full address, we will send you a quote along with the payment process within 24 Hours (Not including weekends).